The Local Project . Project 350 by mckimm . Case Study

Project 350 by mckimm marked our first foray into the world of architecture and design. It was also the beginning of an ongoing relationship with The Local Project - a platform dedicated to showcasing the best in local Australian architecture, interior design and product design.

Though this is a case study about a family home, we wanted to bring the building to life. Given our passion for human led stories, it made sense to include all aspects of the family unit, the parents, the children - even the family dog.

Even where people aren't visible, we've used extensive sound design to convey how it would feel to be in the space - coupled with beautiful imagery and strong story, its an immersive experience that resulted in very high engagement across The Local Project and mckimm channels.

Winner of a Gold Award at the 2019 Australian Video Producer Awards.

The Local Project. Aidan Anderson
McKimm. Anna Weatherlake
Producer. Jared Kettle
Director/DOP. Jacob Williams
Drone/Audio. Jared Kettle
Edit. Roy Kolberg
Post. Jacob Williams