Thankyou . Global Village of Change . Launch Film

‘Global Village of Change’, is a short film that tells the story of Thankyou; of overcoming adversity and what led the team to launch the Thankyou baby range.

Co-founders Daniel Flynn, Justine Flynn and Jarryd Burns reflect on the ups and down that got Thankyou to where they are today, and show an on-the-ground look at the current maternal and child health crisis we're facing in Nepal, and the change the Thankyou baby range can bring.

It offers a glimpse into the first eight years of Thankyou, the movement of people who have backed them and a team who believe they can end global poverty in this lifetime, with you.

Shot across Nepal and Australia, this was an incredible story to tell and an experience the team won't soon forget.

Director/DOP. Jacob Williams
Producer/Audio. Jared Kettle
Drone. Jared Kettle
Edit. Roy Kolberg
Grade. Jacob Williams

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