Melbourne Jet Base . BRAND FILM

Beyond comparison, Melbourne Jet Base is truly a world class facility. As such, it required an exceptional approach to its content creation in order to deliver a brand film befitting an offering of this standard.

The challenge for us was how do we distill all that they do into an all encompassing brand film - in a way that is succinct, engaging and inspiring?

In a word: the experience. We wanted to show how Melbourne Jet Base is bought to life. Undoubtedly, the facility on its own is breathtaking and awe-inspiring. But if it’s empty, it has no heartbeat. Whilst we still hero the facility, we wantrf to focus on the human journey throughout.

We conducted extensive market research in relation to this project and noted a pattern of visual language that seemed synonymous with luxury brands and offerings. Primarily communicated by what is best described as an indulgent cinematographic style, this language uses smatterings of light and lens flare to create an opulent aesthetic.

Winner of 2019 ACS Vic/Tas Gold Award - Commercials National/International
Winner of a Gold Award at the 2019 Australian Video Producer Awards

Director/DOP. Jacob Williams
Producer. Jared Kettle
Edit/VFX. Roy Kolberg
1st AC/Focus. Rudi Siira
Gaffer. Ryan Fish – Savage Film Services
Helicopter Pilot. Mark Dumbrell
Production Assistant. Blake Buckley
Online Edit/Grade. Jacob Williams
VO Artist. Rod Mullinar
VO Recording/Sound Mastering. Gusto Studios
Hair/MUA. Melissa Villamor
Wardrobe/Stylist. Vera Almada
BTS Photographer. Kara Tyson

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