Lakehouse Daylesford . Brand Film

Lake House has undoubtedly set the benchmark for Australian regional hospitality since its inception over 35 years ago. Our challenge was how do we distil the many facets of the Lake House experience into a brand film for use on their website and other online spaces.

We chose to hero many of the daily rituals you can experience as a guest at Lake House Daylesford. Though using a visual medium, we wanted to create a film that encapsulated all of the senses - taste, touch, smell, sound and sight.

Food is a big part of the Lake House experience, and being co-owned by renowned artist Allan Wolf-Tasker, we wanted to highlight the juxtaposition of art and food, by cross-cutting between the two, we show that the food is in fact, art.

Shot with a crew of just three people, this meant we could remain nimble and work within the operational constraints of a luxury retreat, minimising our impact on guests.

Director/DOP. Jacob Williams
Producer. Jared Kettle
Gaffer/1st AC. Gerald Wiblin
Edit/Grade. Jacob Williams
Soundtrack. Weekend by Texture Like Sun