Gymmy Squatz . Social Media Content

Gymmy Squatz is the future of functional training. The challenge for us was how do we distill the Gymmy Squatz experience into a 60 second sizzle piece for social media video content?

Given the competitive space, we wanted to cut through the noise by creating something that was different to all the other group training providers out there. We wanted more than just a montage of images set to house music.

We used the passion of the trainers to drive the narrative and used their own words to describe what Gymmy is all about. Real members doing real exercises adds to the sense of authenticity.

The lighting design was influenced by Gymmy Squatz' colourful branding and sense of fun.

Deployed across social media and prominently displayed on the website, the video helped drive new membership sign-ups and was an easy way for Club Managers to show prospective clients what the brand was all about.

Director/DOP. Jacob Williams
Producer/Sound. Jared Kettle
Edit. Roy Kolberg
Gaffer. Andrew Lock